About us

The company Frank Miniatures has been in existence since 1998 , although the idea of what could be, began back in 1991, as I joined a group of modellers at a show in Frankfurt. Around 3 months later I met Peter Shaw at a model show in the castle in Mainz. 
Peter and myself began visiting the Euro-Militaire show in Folkestone , England and have been doing so ever since. In England I made contact with figure modellers the likes of Pietro Balloni, Michael Volquarts and  Adrian Bay  to name just a few. I also started making contact with the different figure manufacturers and sculptors in the hobby.
Frank Miniatures has had  its own sales stand at the Euro-Militaire show now for four years and is also a regular at Duke of Bavaria, Kulmbach, AGMF Show, Sevres and Montrouge in Paris, Ransart in Belgium and the World-Expo shows.
Nowadays we take pride in bringing our own range of figures and busts under the name of Frank Miniatures to the modeling community and are constantly striving to increase our range.

As well as our own range we can also supply articles from the following companies:

- Alexandros Models
- Andrea Miniatures
- Aradia Miniatures
- Art Girona
- Atelier Maket
- Blacksmith Miniatures
- Carl Reid Figuren
- DG Artwork
- FeR Miniatures
- Figone
- Galapagos Miniatures
- La Meridiana Miniatures
La Ruota del Tempo
- Latorre Models
- Michael Kontraros

- Miniature Factory
- mj Miniatures
- Nocturna Models
- Nuts Planet
- Origen
- Pegaso Models
- Redfox Miniatures
- Roberto Chaudon
- Romeo Models
- Scale 75
- SK-Miniatures
- ST Models
- Stormtroopers
- Studio McVey
- Young Miniatures

We also have rare items in stock:

- Poste Militäre
- Jaguar
- Seil
- Rackham

We have the full range of Andrea and Scale 75 paints, glues, wooden bases and magic sculpt in stock.
We are constantly striving to have the latest items for your modeling needs. 
Aside from visiting all the major shows in Europe we also hold workshops in our store (Time and date is posted in HZ-Forum).
We also accept commissions for figure painting, although please bear in mind that it is not possible to ship a painted figure, this would have to be picked up in the shop or at a show we are attending.
You are always welcome to visit our store, we do not open at specified hours but are always open to appointment or when a workshop is being held, mostly week-ends.
Many thanks for taking the time to read up on Frank Miniatures and enjoy your stay on our Web-Site.

Frank Miniatures